Training week 16 Done

So this past week marked 4 months before the IM Nice start date, the first Ironman of the four that I will do. And to celebrate, this week was part of a two week block consisting of a big push on the bike. So here’s what was on tap.


A 3 hour bike ride including 3 climbs. North of Montpellier, it’s difficult to bike completely flat, there will always be hills.

3000 meter swim with a strength and speed focus

On the trainer, 1 hour 30 min with single leg drills followed by interval work. An run immediately after

Was suppose to be an endurance swim of 3500 which I didn’t do. But I was able to do my one hour run with 10 hill repeats. Felt guilty for a while about missing the swim but I shouldn’t. My swim training was effective during my short off season and I have progress on my weak points. Missing a session isn’t going to change that.

A 1 hour and 30 min interval session on the trainer

First long ride of training; A 4 hour 30 min ride followed by a 15 min run

In the evening, of course I felt tired and a little sore (it was the first long ride) but not so bad. I don’t know if I’m stronger than yesterday but I’m definitely stronger than last year and I’m recovering faster. The body always adapts.

This week holds five bike sessions of various intensities/ distances and Im ready. Next week will be a recovery week.

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