Paris Nice Challenge

I’ve not been real good on keeping up with entries as a lot has been going on. This past Saturday I did Paris Nice Challenge. The Paris Nice Tour is a professional one week bike race which as the name implies starts in Paris and ends in Nice. The last stage of the bike course always takes place in the back country of Nice. This year, there was the opportunity for amateurs to do the exact race the pros would do on the last stage, the day before. Meaning, since the last stage for the pros was Sunday, we, the amateurs were able to do that stage, Saturday. Outside of the initial 20 kms at the start, this course had almost no flat parts. It either climbed or descended therefore no need for aero bars.

I signed up for this race knowing it would be good preparation for the season including IM Nice. And indeed I was correct. I felt prepared and strong on the climbs except for the last climb, Cรดte de Peille, which was pretty difficult at a 9% pitch for approximately 10 km. Although I should say it probably wouldn’t have been as difficult if we hadn’t already climbed 4 or 5 cols- mountain passes before that.

My concern is that I’m not getting faster on my descents. I passed a lot of guys on the climbs only for many of them to catch me on the descents. It’s no longer about fear or hesitation. It’s true that when I first started biking I was apprehensive about descending but I’ve since overcome that. I just don’t get how I can go down faster. But if anything, this sport is about patience. I will seek out more climbs which obviously will result in more downhill and keep moving forward.

Beautiful day for cycling with breathtaking sea views from the mountains. Looking forward to the season ahead

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