3 Months until Ironman Nice

Paris Nice Challenge was indeed that on Saturday….a challenge. I typically like to follow up a B or C event with a heavy week of training. I gave everything I had Saturday so Sunday was a 1 hour run on heavy legs from the day before. Monday rest. Tuesday is single leg drills and a little cadence on the trainer followed by hill repeats for running. The rest of the week will include a high bike volume. I will mildly increase my running but not by a lot. Running is the discipline that will potentially open me up to injuries therefore I am always prudent with the amount of volume I include. As well as I will have to do 4 marathons( within my ironman races) so there is no need to go overboard.

The next preparation race will be the Triathlon de Cannes on April 17th but I must say it is not definite because April is probably the most unstable month as far as weather in this part of the world and if there is a lot of rain I probably won’t do it. Obviously for the full Ironman races I will be at the start no matter what the weather but so early in the season for a C event, with serious technical descents; it’s not worth risking a fall that could put me out for the season. That’s it for now, feeling positive and strong

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