Why Train for Multiple Ironman Races?

I have many reasons for training for multiple Ironman races. In fact, too many to put in one post so I’ll spread them out in several posts over time. One reason is that I learn best and master something best thru complete immersion and endless repetition. Well, I should add that as a life long language learner and former language teacher, really that method is probably best for most people; but that’s a different topic.

Preparing and training for an Ironman is an involved process as there is a lot to think about. And there is a lot to work on that does not necessarily always involve the swim, bike or run. In approaching Ironman preparation I used the same logic that I used for mastering other skills/challenges in my past. Do it over and over again until I get it right; with the major caveat of remembering my mistakes and not repeating them. Even though it’s still early in the game and I have already DNFed it’s paying off. I’ve got my pre-race game down and the travel planning before and after are not too bad. My fueling on the bike still needs work but I’ve progressed. My post work out training rituals and my nutrition are functioning as I am, most of the time, recovering a little faster. And obviously, I’m becoming less and less stressed as race day approaches. Except, the fact that I DNFed my last race puts more pressure on IM Zurich. Now, I’ve got something to prove and that will create stress. I hate it when that happens.

So the plan is slowly working; I know my weaknesses and understand what I must do to proceed with the hopes of a steady progression in finishing times with each race. The good news is, I have nowhere to go but up!

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