The Mission

I am a 6x Ironman triathlete. While I adore training for my races, it is a rather self-involved process by nature; you have to focus on training your mind and body. But it doesn’t have to be just that. As someone who enjoys open water swimming, I am sensitive to the degradation of our oceans as well as what I hear from other triathletes in different parts of the world on their experiences. And as I read about all the damage from plastics and the frightening future predicted for marine life; it has motivated me to use a sport I love as a vehicle for possible change.

Less than 1% of all charitable money given goes to environmental causes. It’s true that when we see people, especially children suffer, it’s so easy to give money. In doing that I think we forget about our environment because we can’t put a face on it. I hope to draw attention to ocean conservation as well as motivate other endurance athletes to do the same.


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