The Mission

I am a 6x Ironman triathlete. While I adore training for my races, it is a rather self-involved process by nature; you have to focus on training your mind and body. But it doesn’t have to be just that. As someone who enjoys open water swimming, I am sensitive to the degradation of our oceans as well as what I hear from other triathletes in different parts of the world on their experiences. And as I read about all the damage from plastics and the frightening future predicted for marine life; it has motivated me to use a sport I love as a vehicle for possible change.

Less than 1% of all charitable money given goes to environmental causes. It’s true that when we see people, especially children suffer, it’s so easy to give money. In doing that I think we forget about our environment because we can’t put a face on it. I hope to draw attention to ocean conservation as well as motivate other endurance athletes to do the same.

Therefore my goal for 2017 is the same as that of 2016. I plan to complete 4 full Ironman races to draw attention to ocean conservation as well as raise money for four ocean conservation projects. My choices are The Chesapeake Bay Foundation which cares and fights for the bay and its tributaries, OceanCare which develops numerous projects for saving sea mammals, Project Aware which is a network of divers who work to clean our oceans and fight to protect the largest sea mammals- sharks and whales. And lastly, Marine Conservation Society whose goals covers all aspects of ocean conservation.


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