Chesapeake Bay Foundation

The Chesapeake Bay is, an estuary, a body of water formed where freshwater from rivers and streams flows into the ocean, mixing with sea water. But when we speak of “Saving the Bay” we are not only speaking of the 200 mile long estuary that runs from Havre de Grace, Maryland to Norfolk, Virginia. We are speaking of the 50 major rivers and streams that pour into the bay each day, and the creeks that feed those streams. We are talking about the roughly 64,000 square mile watershed covered with forests, farms and wildlife habitat; cities and suburbs; waste water treatment plants and heavy industry.

If we are to save the bay, we must also save the hundreds of waterways from New York to Virginia that have been listed on the Clean Water Act’s “dirty list”. We can save the bay only if we clean up our local creeks, streams and rivers.

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